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we are a new branding studio creating super identities for the worlds most conscious companies.

We’re an independent creative studio spanning branding, marketing campaigns, digital design, social media and development. We change businesses into brands people love.

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we believe every sustainable brand has an amazing story to tell

and we’re passionate about visualising it.


The graphic guy has great communication skills and is an amazing graphic designer! Highly recommend!


I'd worked with Jordan at the Graphic Guy Studios previously on a Happy Spreadsheets logo that turned out to be quirky and VERY memorable. When it came to choosing who to use for a logo for my running business, there was no choice needed. Once again he has proven his worth, with a unique, memorable and "quirky" design playing on the business name "from 1 runner 2 another" and combining the 1 and 2 to create a capital R for the word "Runner". I love that he's able to play with designs that way. And of course I love that he's open to suggestions, great at brainstorming yet follows a clear process that produces high quality designs in a short timescale. Really pleased and would thoroughly recommend Graphic Guy Studios.

we are

Graphic Guy Studios.


We build brands that lead a new generation. We tell a visual story that aims to speak to your emotions and evoke action. The world needs more humanity in business, and we’re leaders in that field.


Go from market player to household name with creative brand campaigns to kickstart awareness and conquer your category. This is what creates a brand, and we’re here to make sure yours succeeds!

motion graphics

We know motion. For over 5 years, we’ve created videos that combine design, animation, live action and visual effects for conscious companies of all shapes & sizes.

social media

Grabbing the attention of your audience can be super difficult, but we’re driven to ensure you’re being heard by the right people; numbers don’t mean you’re succeeding, but action does – that’s the aim!