Buffalo Bookkeeping

Buffalo Bookkeeping is a bookkeeping and accountancy brand that aims to break down the industry barriers as being an ‘intimidating’ and ‘unapproachable’ element of business for many companies.

Created by a business owner, for business owners, it’s a humanity-first, genuine approach to keeping the books up-to-date, whilst allowing the process to be as simple and stress-free as possible.

Utilising Xero as their platform, Buffalo Bookkeeping provide an easy and constructive way for business owners to stay on top of their books, without doing any of it themselves – Buffalo Bookkeeping dealt with everything, making them a popular choice for any company.

Buffalo Bookkeeping approached us looking for a completely new and unique visual identity, embracing their personality-driven and human-first approach to bookkeeping.

Having already built a small following through networking and social media, Buffalo Bookkeeping felt like they were still missing the mark with their audience – their current identity was still too corporate for their style.

I was tasked with developing a new visual look for their company and all of their channels. From the brand identity, to rolling out the new guidelines across the company, it was our job to visualise the company’s ideas and provide thoughtful design concepts.

We worked closely with the founder to develop their visual and verbal identity and create a unique brand and social channel that would stand out in the competitive bookkeeping and accountancy industry.

We re-imagined their brand from scratch, creating guidelines that included a new logo, colours, typeface and graphical elements. We wanted something that felt honest and approachable yet trustworthy, while still being young and fun to appeal to the millennial and new generation target market.

Much like the company’s core purpose – the new brand is bold and bubbly.

It utilises a variety of fun brand shapes and type that can be used as valiant, stand-alone elements, or fixed together to create an overall brand lock-up that makes a real impact.

This concept was designed with the theme of a personality-orientated and community-focused brand in mind, reflecting the colourful colour scheme that welcomes new and old customers, as well as a friendly mascot to help ease them in moving over to Buffalo Bookkeeping.

The new brand helps to take Buffalo Bookkeeping from its corporate start-up roots, and transform it into an established company that is ready to take on a competitive market. The client seemed pleased with the end result, and we’re looking forward to seeing where Buffalo Bookkeeping progresses in the future.

“Amazing graphic designer – The Graphic Guy always manages to hit the nail on the head with my branding. He is super responsive and provides original designs every time that match in with the tone of my business. I would highly recommend him to work with!”

Becky Cooper


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