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Embodied Business is a business-focused therapy service brand that provides in-house therapy for employees in the commercial space.

Created by Nina Molyneux, it’s not just a therapy service – it’s a revolutionary take on emotional support that gives leaders the ability to help their team on a deeper level. It’s a human-to-human interaction that the brand builds its self from.

With its down-to-earth identity and approachable voice, Embodied Business provides a simple and efficient way for employees to connect with themselves  – making it a popular service amongst companies that lack the resources to better care for their team’s wellbeing!

Embodied Business came to us with an existing identity, but lacked a brand that truly encapsulated the company’s personality & purpose. They had an appetite to create something fresh that really resonated with their target audience – executives, leaders, managers and employees.

Having already grown the business, Embodied Business’ new focus was on refreshing their identity and creating a complete brand world for all their channels.

From the brand identity, to rolling out the new guidelines across the company, it was our job to visualise their ideas and provide thoughtful design concepts.

We worked closely with the founder to develop their visual and verbal identity and create a unique brand that would stand out in the competitive commercial therapy industry.

We re-imagined their brand from scratch, creating a small guideline that included a new logo, colours and typeface. We wanted something that felt genuine and down-to-earth, while still being professional and approachable to appeal to the commercial target market.

Much like human nature – the new brand is created around the real parts of our world, and resembles the cycle of life in its truest form. We’re aiming to be soulful in our approach, and become more connected with ourselves.

It utilises a variety of hand-drawn elements and colourful hues that can be used as bold, stand-alone elements, or fixed together to create an overall brand lock-up that makes a real impact.

This concept was designed with the theme of a commercial-orientated therapy brand in mind, reflecting the rugged style, colour scheme and circular form for our soul, and the use of typography and direct, linear layout for the professional space.

The new brand helps to take Embodied Business from its start-up roots (literally), and transform it into an established company that is ready to take on a competitive market. The client seemed pleased with the end result, and we’re looking forward to seeing where Embodied Business progresses in the future!

“It was a real pleasure to work with Jordan to create a logo that I felt genuinely connected to, and that I will still be proud of in years to come.  The whole process was a relaxed yet attentive collaboration that produced a high quality result.  I’m a very happy customer!

Nina Molyneux


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