It’s a new world, and tech is leading it.

When we were approached to collaborate with another design agency to work with Shadow Robot, we were ecstatic. Not just because we’re huge nerds, but because we’d be assisting with a new generation of technologically advanced product.

Visited by Jeff Bezos in the past, Shadow Robot has something unique. They developed robotics, more specifically dextorous hands.

We were approached to lead the social side of the re-brand. This included developing templates, banners, website assets, desktop backgrounds, and more!

This was an all-out rebuild for the company, so they wanted to show that in every single aspect of their business.

Although the concept is simple, Shadow Robot boasts a vast array of partners, projects, and interests, which meant that their new simple style still had to incorporate unique properties that were specific to the brand.

All of this needed to be communicated within a clear structure and confident message, one that would resonate with their new and existing audience.

To allow their new identity to shine, we developed a few variations for each creative.

We set about capturing their core value & purpose through specifically-placed photography, bolding our message, and bringing the company’s accomplishments to the forefront of the design. For this, we collaborated with the other design agency, alongside the leaders of the brand.

We finalised the project with a varied design template, which allows the brand teams to easily shift between styles depending on the moment, audience or occasion.

Even with our small involvement, the creatives that we designed have given the brand the ability to share who they are in a little more depth, and reach new and wider audiences than ever before.

“We want to shape a better future and use our robots for good – not for building weapon systems or endangering animals. If it causes harm or suffering, it’s a no-go”

Shadow Robot

Core Value

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