A charity that is actually changing the world, one project at a time…

We Make Change asked us to assist with re-branding their already established identity. They felt that they were lacking boldness, which is one of their key values as a new-generation nonprofit!

Following their current success with collaborations like Goodwork, Panter, The Feminist Shop, Kwanele South Africa, School Of Social Justice and so many more, the organisation still felt like they weren’t reaching as many people as they could due to their ‘lack’ of differentiation from the competition.

The brief? Design and build a bold, simple & creative identity through their social channels & website that is approachable and community-focused to attract their new-generation audience & partners.

We led the design phase, speaking with the co-founder – James Sancto – regularly to understand what they wanted to be, and developing a stepping-stone plan for us to follow.

Although centered around a simple concept, the We Make Change flag stands for more than just an icon. It boasts innovation and is a pillar of community and teamwork. It’s a sign for home, where volunteers and startups can get together and collaborate on their next project.

All of this needed to be communicated within a clear structure and confident message, one that would resonate with everyday good-doers and the existing audience.

To allow each strength to shine, we forged individual pantones and styles around each key message and matched these up to a unique identity.

We set about capturing collaborative moments through colour, breathing life into our design and bringing the projects forward in our new style.

We finalised the project with a strategic template framework, which enabled the brand teams to easily traverse the visual style depending on the moment, audience or occasion.

The final delivery comprised of a series of bold/default, dark and light pantone’s unique to We Make Change, branded & value-associated social templates & website assets, upcoming campaign socials, and new B2B & B2C communication frameworks for future collaborations.

This creative project has given co-founder James Sancto and the entire crew at We Make Change the ability to re-activate the brand for a new generation, reaching new & wider audiences than ever before.

It’s catapulted the brand’s words beyond the United Kingdom, reaching new people from overseas, young people who want to change the world, families that want to put their skills towards an amazing cause, and even students that want to develop their interests. The new identity & voice has been making rounds across the UK, Europe, America, and many more of James’ targeted territories.

Upon launch, We Make Change has been able to grow its voluntary group to over 30,000 people, collaborated with over 800 startups, and delivered £2.5m worth of value to organisations and projects through skill alone.

“The New Age Of Change. We can get almost anything, anywhere, anytime. Imagine if we used tech app-solutely for good? That is We Make Change”

James Sancto

Co-Founder – We Make Change

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