YOPPIE is a menstrual supplement brand, connecting women with their body’s and helping them through conditions like PMS, PCOS, Endometriosis and much more.

Following on with their previous marketing success, the founder – Daniella Peri – approached me, aiming to create a new campaign that directly sells their new refined supplements. The goal for these new products was to aid the symptoms of PCOS & Endometriosis through both static & motion creatives.

The team at YOPPIE sought me out at Graphic Guy Studios after seeing a personal piece that I created for their social media, and further understanding my stance on the sustainable & conscious industry. Safe to say, our values aligned well!

They wanted to work with a studio who wouldn’t just fulfil the brief, but go above and beyond as well, bringing the simple product launch to life with a new style.

They needed strong branding as well as creative assets to advertise the PCOS & Endometriosis supplements ahead of a live reveal with their audience on social media.

I worked with the marketing team directly to deliver the campaign’s branding & creative, along with online assets. I also provided design support for digital assets for live website and social media updates which were displayed on the official Yoppie site and social handles.

As well as creating what was necessary, I also gave my time for free to further support the product launch and the message in any way we could!

The campaign was also pushed on paid advertising through a plethora of different social platforms like Facebook and Instagram, which helped spread the new product launch further, and garner more interest for the YOPPIE brand.

After such a successful campaign, and a mild fail in the public eye, working to reach and engage with as many audiences as possible for a new product reveal was the least I could do. It was a brilliant project to be a part of!

“Empowering women to take control of their menstrual health through a personalised plan. Period, PMS, menstrual condition or hormonal skin? We’ve got you covered.”


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